Last chance to catch a weekend en-piste before the snow is completely gone… we pulled Liam out of school midday on Thursday to head back up to Valberg for a long weekend on the slopes, and were joined by our good friends’ Bob and Katherine, with one of Liam’s best buddies, Gulliana.

It was 18 degrees and sunny all weekend long, with visible difference in the snow level from day to day… they may usually ski until April in Valberg, but not this year!! It was good that we went when we did, it really was probably the last chance of the season.

Liam had a great time (again) and we were all very proud that he earned two pins from the ski school this weekend, and was moved from ‘Bebe Skier’ level up to the next ‘Piou Piou’ level. Give him a couple of days early next season, and he’ll probably be moved up another level! And he’ll be heading out on the chairlift to hit the pistes with mumma!

It’s difficult to get a good photo in ski school, but we did take a couple of videos that we’ll try to upload soon.

But needless to say he had a FANTASTIC weekend, as did we, and our friends. Not a lot of sleep… but a lot of good times (and wine for the parents!). We’re all quite shattered tonight, and looking forward to a good nights’ sleep in our own beds, and then getting back to normal routine tomorrow.

Very ready for spring now!! It’s arrived on the cote d’azur, and our adventures will continue!