It’s pretty much as we would have expected, and we’re very proud nonetheless!

In the scope of their review, ‘1’ means he has achieved it, ‘2’ means he achieves it with assistance, ‘3’ means he’s working on it… and ‘4’ means not at all. Thankfully, no ‘4’s! 🙂

As it all plays out, he struggles with communications (obviously) but they have noted that he communicates easily with those who understand his mother tongue language. All the same, he has more ‘2’s than ‘3’s, so he’s obviously improving naturally, and we’ve noticed a difference over the last month or two when he tries to interact with french kids at the playground.

The teacher has indicated that he has a strong preference for ‘free play’ time, but that he doesn’t resist the more structured classroom activities. And despite his communications weakness, he is agreeable with all of the students.

Surprisingly though it seems he struggles a bit with Phys Ed… where they say his balance seems unstable. We’ve had a bit of a chat about this, and feel that it most likely reflects his timidity (as he has always been quite timid when it came to taking on physical challenges)… but anyone who has seen him find his feet in accrobranche or skiing would know that he’s not actually physically challenged in anyway… he’s just a bit of a chicken initially 😉

We’ll just keep getting him out and about as usual, and no doubt he’ll be climbing mountains and riding bikes in no time.

Congrats little man… it’s an awesome first report card, and we’re very proud. You’ll be correcting our french before long….