The WORST Christmas !!!

A bit of a stressful one this year!! But it all ends well… On Christmas eve Adam and I both had to pop out for 20 minutes. I had to go down to town to pick up our Christmas Log Cake from LAC (our tradition). And Adam needed to get something from the supermarket up the hill. So we left Liam alone for a few minutes to get our last minute chores done (we’ve been leaving him home alone for short periods of time now, to give him a bit of independence and responsibility). He has his phone and can call anytime (he still gets freaked out if there’s a delivery and he’s the only one home).

So I went down the hill, and Adam went up the hill. Little did we know that as we left there was a mega drama unfolding on our street… and when we tried to return home 20 minutes later, the street was totally blocked off, and there was a massive police operation going on!! They wouldn’t let me up, nor Adam down — even though we told them we had a child home alone. Of course I called Liam and told him to chill out, and stay off of the terrace until we knew more of what was going on. I kept him on the phone with me, as he was really anxious about what was happening. He could see all the police on our street with heavy duty gear, and guns drawn.

I was literally a block from our house, and nothing I could do about it.

To make matters worse, Liam was beside himself as the winds had picked up tremendously and our Christmas Tree (which was on the terrace) had just been blown over and so many precious ornaments had been smashed!!!!! “Our Memories” he cried!!!!! He was inconsolable.

Mumma hormones kicked in, so I jumped back on my scooter and drove back up a little side road beside where the blockade started, and parked my scooter in the parking lot of a building that was 2 doors down from ours. I found a little hole in a chain link fence dividing the properties, and very low and sneakily I slid through (with the cake) and crouched walked my way to our gate — somehow avoiding being seen by the police! (good job lads!!)

Liam and I managed to salvage as much of the tree ornaments as we could, but so many were lost. Our favourite Hudson Bay Company Bear from Canada (that we bought the year we visited when Grandma died). Our Positano ball, which we bought when we celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary. My favourite turquoise Vespa glass ornament. ALL OF MY TIFFANY ORNAMENTS. I put on a brave face and told Liam they were just ‘things’ and we’d just have to make new memories. Of course inside I was really, really sad about it.

Eventually Adam made it back, and the street opened up again… and none of us was the wiser about what happened until 2 days later and the newspaper reported three different suicides in Nice on Christmas Eve Day — all of them elderly people who lived alone. A man in his eighties, who had recently lost his wife, took his life in a building two doors up from us — and I suppose it was the sound of the gunshot that put the neighbourhood under police lockdown until they knew what happened. A very sad, scary christmas.

Silver linings though… I contacted my sales person at Tiffany’s to find out if anything could be done to salvage my three broken ornaments — the glass balls were intact, but the loops that the ribbons go through were snapped off. I wondered if I took them to a glass blowers or something they could be repaired.


Not only did Tiffany’s offer to replace my ornaments with exactly the same ones that were broken, but they gave me 5 EXTRA… just to be kind. Liam’s jaw dropped when he saw how many they gave us… and I was every bit as shocked and grateful. So thank you Tiffany’s for making a terrible situation absolutely wonderful.

Otherwise Christmas was ok. We moved the tree INSIDE after that. Weather has been pretty awful this year — so we couldn’t sit outside and eat dinner together because it was cold, wet and super windy. So we ate in front of the TV. And Adam at his desk. Ho Hum. We’ll have a proper little dining table for next year. But just a wee one, as we don’t have the space for anything larger because of Adam’s desk / workstation.

Again, Silver linings…. we had snow for Christmas. Well… it was actually more like a series of hailstorms. But the final effect was a very rare blanket of white. So we’ll take it!!

Weirdest Christmas. A lot of ups and downs. And we were really missing family this year… I guess the pandemic restrictions make us really wish we could spend time with family who are far away.

So happy way after Christmas everyone. Hoping for better things ahead for 2021.