Sorry we haven’t posted since we’ve moved!! It’s been a lot of ‘settling in’ — and the short days and dark evenings don’t help.

We’re loving the new flat. As you’ll see in the photos, the view is EVERYTHING. But it’s taking a while to pull it all together. Will post more photos of the flat soon enough. Still a few more things to do 😉

The flat itself is great. It’s off of a main road, but at the moment with the pandemic traffic is lighter than usual, and our building is actually quite raised away from the road, with a small switchback drive and a swimming pool between us and the traffic. The views over the sea and the port are amazing, and we are south-west facing with great views all the way past the airport. Sunsets are stunning almost every single night.

Adam’s desk takes up a lot of space in the living room, so I’m still trying to make that work. But we’ve received our new sofa and carpet and a few more cabinets, so it’s starting to feel more homey.

Our floors are marble (the old flat had parquet wood) so it’s a bit of an adjustment to the coldness during the winter, and I’ve had to buy a few temporary carpets just to take the edge off. And we have loads of light because the apartment has huge windows. Both bedrooms have full double terrace doors… but the doors and windows are all decades old, and thin glass — so a lot of condensation and a lot of cold being let in. That’s an adjustment too!!

But we’re getting there.

Anyway, here are a few pics from us enjoying our neighbourhood during the end of 2021.

Way more photos to come in the coming months. Mostly sunsets 😉 My phone is full of sunset photos now!!