Another weird birthday…. Liam didn’t get to celebrate his birthday last year because within days of our return from our annual ski holiday, we were plunged into an a two month long lockdown.

And again this year… a full year later, we aren’t really free to organise anything special for him. Groups are limited in number, all establishments are still CLOSED for he foreseeable future.

So I thought we’d invite Liam’s best anglo “Roblox” friends over for a few hours so they could have a group ‘playdate’ and play their favourite video game together.

But that wasn’t convenient for Nico and Penelope, so they counter proposed a group sleepover at their place. And Adam and I were also invited to sleep over, so we could see Liam first thing on his birthday morning! Plus we also got to hang out with our friends — so it was a win-win.

Liam was happily for the family who remembered his birthday… he had a good year nonetheless. And he doesn’t care that he didn’t have a big party — he’s happy enough to just see his favourite people.

Hopefully we can be back to normal times when his 12th birthday rolls around next year.