Third confinement is still lighter than the last two. We still have curfew of 6pm for weekdays, but now that the school holidays are upon us they have instated a total weekend lockdown (from Friday 6pm until Monday 8am) — which means that we are only allowed to go out for essential shopping or medical appointments, and we are allowed 1 hour per day for solo exercise and can travel a maximum of 5km from our house for that.

The reasoning is that Nice and the Cote d’Azur is the worst hit with Covid in all of France — and now that it’s school holidays, people would tend to flock to our warmer shores for a bit of fresh air and sunshine and spring temperatures.

And that cannot happen this year… our hospitals will be unable to keep up with increased numbers.

I know quite a few people who were really anxious about these weekend lockdowns. Quite a few skipped town to places that only had the curfew — but we figured it’s lovely where we live, so what’s the big deal?

I did a bit of gardening on the terrace. Took Lola on some generously long walks. Went for a 25km bike ride up and down the mountain (staying within the 5k radius of course). Coffee on the terrace. Ping Pong with Liam in the garage… and all the while traffic was so light we could hear the waves from the sea.

All in all.. didn’t suck. And we didn’t get stuck in the awful traffic of people trying to get out of town.

This coming weekend will be our third weekend lockdown. I’m already planning my to do list, and my bike route 😉

Spring is around the corner, and hopefully now that the vaccine drive has started, we’ll start to see some improvements. We’ve a long way to go before it resembles normal again.