Ski resorts are closed this year… which sadly means no ski trips for us this year. We could (theoretically) make our way to Switzerland where he slopes are open — but we’re really not allowed to travel for leisure and cross country borders.

So we’ll do as we’re supposed to and stay home (which isn’t such a bad thing as the money I would have spent on a holiday I ended up spending on furniture anyway).

BUT when my boss decided to take his son and a friend up to their chalet in Valberg, I asked if Liam and I could come along — that way boss and I could work, and Liam could play in the snow — probably the only snow he’ll see this season. Which is a pity as we haven’t had this much snow in quite a few years!!

It was a nice weekend, although traffic was so heavy with people trying to flee the confinement of the city (6pm curfew!!!) that it took FOUR HOURS to get home on the Sunday. Normally a 90 minute drive. Was it worth it? I guess so. But I won’t do that drive again if I can help it 😉

We look forward to returning to the slopes in the 2021/2022 season. This season will get lost in our memory….