Not a lot about Liam in this post…. but it’s my big ‘race season’ so I thought I’d throw it in there.

In end April we had the Historic Grand Prix (held over from the cancelled event in 2020)… and my boss was racing. Only Monaco residents were allowed to be spectators, so it was a quiet event. But that made my job easier for the weekend. Still… i can’t wait for it to get back to normal.

My birthday weekend was the Formula 1 weekend… and my boss’s 16 year old son Oliver was racing in the Renault support race. A big deal on his home track — the hardest track in the world!! He did well, and moved up the grid to a respectable finish…

And then early June was a joint weekend in Circuit Paul Ricard (about 2 hours from Nice) where BOTH boys were racing — 16 year old Ollie in the Formula 3 car, and his 18 year old brother Benji in the GT endurance car. No spectators allowed, but it was great to hang with my boss and colleagues all day!!

No more big race weekends for me until May 2022! 🙂
Maybe one day Liam will want to come back with me! He’s always welcome!!