It’s been a wacky weather spring… lots of wind. Some warm days, some cooler days… but we’ve been enjoying it nonetheless!!

The sun has shifted further north… but the sunsets can still be spectacular.

We’ve started watersports for the season (paddling and sailing) and I’ll take Liam up the coast for some kayaking this weekend. Lola does surprisingly well on the paddleboard too!! Hope she does well on the kayak too — I’ll dig out her lifevest.

Also we’ve got very good news… although we applied late, Liam was accepted into a semi-private junior high (called ‘college’ in france). It’s the best school in Nice, and we are so pleased for him. I think it will be a great environment with really kind and serious students. A smaller school… and it’s in the hills above Nice (less convenient to get to) but with some greenery, fresher air, and great views. It doesn’t feel like an inner city school like the public one does.

BUT… we’ve started Liam seeing a tutor twice a week to bring his french grammar up to speed. He lags a bit behind the others only because he’s anglophone (and only watches TV in english, mostly reads in english), so a bit of a legs’ up before he starts school should do the trick. An expensive option… but his education is worth it.