Only 2 weeks earlier the pool was a swampy green, and we were told that they would be draining it to fix the light, and cleaning it for the season. Once it was full of water I figured it would be at least a month before it was warm enough to swim in — but it seems that the pool is heated in late spring!!

Not that Liam cared much. We oooh’d and aaaaah’d when we moved about how great it would be to have a pool, but Liam didn’t care. He said he could stay upstairs on his own while we swam.

But all of a sudden he asked if we could swim anytime… and I said sure, but it’s probably still quite cold.

So he said “let’s go” and we did!!

He spent two hours playing in the pool, still chilly but not cold. And the next day I went and bought some new inflatables for him …. which was AWESOMELY FUN. He’s hooked on the swimming. And we invited Hayley and Tom around to swim at the weekend… great time was had by all!!

Until the following week when we got a notice about the pool rules… which included limited visitors (only on occasion, and max 2 guests per residence). AND NO INFLATABLES!!!! Aw crap. Liam was sad and angry and said he’d never use the pool again.

But we’re a clever bunch….. so I bought a couple of flutter boards and noodles… neither are inflatable, but both are fun. And I’ve got him diving for coins just like Grandpa Woolley did for us when we were kids (yes, he gets to keep the coins).

So he’s been in the pool loads this month… and the hot weather has barely even started!!!

So the pool that he wasn’t interested in at all has become a big hit — and it will be an important part of our summer 😉