2021 may have started fairly crap… and been fairly crap throughout with all of the covid restrictions, but for us, it was ending on a high note. Grandpa Woolley was coming over from Canada to spend Christmas with us.

It was touch and go until the VERY last minute, and to be honest, I was emotionally preparing myself for the plans to all fall apart. Liam, Adam and I all had Covid at the beginning of December. Liam and I got over it quite quickly… but it was really bad for Adam and he was basically in bed for 3 straight weeks. So my anxiety was already working on plan b and c as I was not willing to expose my dad to the slightest chance of covid… fortunately no alternate plans were needed.

Grandpa was able to get his booster shot shortly before his trip here, and thankfully his pre-travel PCR was clear. He was ON HIS WAY!!

My original plan was that Grandpa Woolley, Liam and I were all going to hop into my tiny car and head up to my boss’s chalet in the mountains. A beautiful place to be, lots of fresh air and space… and very small chance of catching covid!! The staff were going to go up to prepare the chalet for an incoming christmas rental, so we could have stayed there for a few days with the staff.

But it was not to be, and two of my staff members came down with Covid!! Although they were still up there preparing the chalet. So I wasn’t willing to risk my dad catching it, so we abandoned plans and stayed in Nice.

The days leading up to Christmas were pretty relaxed. I still had work to do, so my dad joined me at the office sometimes, or just sat in the sun and read a book (we had GREAT weather). And when I needed to go into Monaco, he came with me.

Liam was quite touch and go over the holidays. It was a real challenge to find things to entertain both my dad and a very ‘pre-teen’ almost 12 year old boy. Their differences were huge, and Liam is very much full of ‘don’t talk to me’ vibes right now, preferring to be alone in his room with the lights off and the screens on. So I did my best to give him his ‘alone time’ that he needs, and ‘grandpa / family’ time which we all need.

It went well. Mostly. With a little bit of threats of cutting electronics completely if he didn’t spend some time with us. 😉

Hopefully Grandpa didn’t take it personally — this is the phase that Liam is going through, and I’m working on it. He only very reluctantly spends time with me on any given day.

Anyway, we were THRILLED to have Grandpa with us for Christmas. I hope we made his time here memorable and enjoyable, despite being far from his comforts and habits from home.

We’re hoping he comes for Christmas more often. Every year if he can 😉