Most of the two weeks with Grandpa Woolley was just ‘hanging out’. I still had some work to keep up on, although it was fairly quiet. Grandpa’s hip was really causing him a lot of pain, so I kept the walking plans to fairly level and short outings. And Liam, of course, was trying to balance spending time with his friends online, and time with his grandpa.

We had one absolute waste of a day — boxing day, which was unfortunately also a spectacularly good weather day — but I somehow managed to lose my keys that morning (I must have had them when I took Lola out at 06:30, and then they were nowhere to be found when I was trying to get us out for the day. I spent the ENTIRE DAY trying to find them. To this day, they have not been found. It still stresses me out.

Anyway, we tried to think of things to do with Grandpa that he would find interesting or different. We settled into a routine of generally eating either a lunch or dinner out. Never both. And sometimes we let Liam stay home and play with his friends online.

Now Grandpa Woolley has already seen a lot of the south of France, and some of those memories will be quite bittersweet as most of his memories include Grandmpa. So I tried to take him to some new places.

We took him to Antibes… a rather charming town up the coast, between Nice and Cannes, on a nice little penninsula. The old town is charming, there’s a nice fort. It’s really a yacht community there, and a lot of anglophones, so I thought Grandpa might like the vibe. I think he did… Adam came with us that day and we all went for lunch together. Grandpa’s treat — and Irene sent grandpa with cash to take us all for a drink.

Now I had high hopes for eating in Antibes, and a friend of mine made some really great suggestions for a special meal — but we ended up in an American style chain restaurant that everyone (except me) seemed really happy about LOL. Burgers all around — and they even had sushi for Liam!! If everyone else is happy, then I’m happy!!

We also took Grandpa for a stroll in Villefranche. It’s my favourite town, and right beside Nice. It’s where I go paddleboarding in the summer, and it’s just so picturesque. Of course I had forgotten that once you get away from the waters edge, everything is quite steep to explore the village. That was a bit too much for grandpa’s hip, but we did manage a nice seaside walk, and I was happy to show Grandpa one of my favourite places.

We also took Grandpa to the Matisse Museum in Nice. I’m not sure that either he nor Liam were particularly interested in an art museum, but Henri Matisse is an important part of the Nice culture, so I figured that was the best one to go to (plus it’s in a beautiful old nicoise building in the middle of an olive grove. Stunning up there). When I asked grandpa if he was interested to go to an art museum, he shrugged and said ‘I guess so, but I don’t want to go to one where the eyes and the noses are all over the place”… so I decided that perhaps taking him to the Picasso museum in Antibes was not going to be a good choice 😉