As Grandpa’s trip to see us wound down, and we were getting ready for the back to school, back to work hectic schedule that was looming, we had time for one last great daytrip.

But where to go?

With the all of the covid restrictions in place, I didn’t feel that popping over it Italy was a great idea. Although I would have loved to have done that with Grqndpa. And we did have to spend a lot of his second last day at the airport waiting in line for him to get a PCR test for his flight home…

But what to do for his last day??

I decided that we would go to Menton… a really charming coastal town towards the italian border (in fact, the last french town before you cross into Italy). I had not been in such a long time, and I had forgotten what a lovely town it was!! It’s got a local reputation for being a retirement town… and I can see why! It’s charming and relaxed. Lovely village and a long waterfront. We ate the BEST meal while we were there!

We were a bit unlucky with the weather as it seemed to start turning cold that day, with no sun. But we can’t really complain as it had been a really mild and dry winter so far, with the exception of one rainy day near Christmas.

There are no words for how sad I was when I dropped Grandpa to the airport. It makes me sad to see him alone, and I hope hope HOPE that he will come back here again for Christmas, where he can be surrounded by family who love him.

Love you loads dad. It was the best christmas gift I could get, and we hope you will be back.


PS I’m already planning what things we can do when you are here next time… hopefully WITHOUT covid restrictions!!!!