So Liam has made it abundantly clear to me that he HATES sailing. Despite moving up to catamarans, and despite his friend Tom enjoying taking sailing lessons, Liam hates it.

He says maybe one day he’ll give it another go… but he does not want to take sailing lessons anymore. Either there is not enough wind and he’s bored… or the wind is too strong and he’s scared. I was hoping that being on a catamaran with other people would make it more fun… but perhaps this just isn’t his cup of tea.

HOWEVER, he does enjoy kayaking. So I called the local kayaking club late last year, took the one day ‘initiation course’ (passed it) and signed Liam and I up to the club. I got him a wetsuit and watershoes, and now we can go kayaking any time we want.

Of course he still doesn’t ‘want to’. But he does it as he knows that he has to get out and do SOMETHING every weekend (weather permitting). And as usual, once he’s actually out of the house and away from his computer, he is delightful and fun, and he has a good time. But don’t tell him I said so, as he’ll just deny it 😉

Our first day out was a very sunny mid-January day — Liam thought it would be fun to swim and play at the remote beach. I told him it was in fact NOT a good a idea, and that our wetsuits were to keep us warm and dry and be there ‘just in case we fell in’… but of course there was no listening to me! And Liam did have fun!! For a while. But then he got cold. Then he got REALLY cold. And on the 10 minute walk back to our apartment afterward we put the kayaks away he begged me to not say ‘I told you so’. I did my best to warm him up, and wrapped him in a towel until we could get home. I hoped he had learned his lesson (he did… I don’t think he’ll be intentionally swimming again until at least April….

I’ve also just bought him some neoprene gloves, as his hands get cold really quickly, so hopefully we can go further soon!!