Well this is definitely going to be the shortest and driest ski season since we’ve been here. The local mountains (1,5 hours away) haven’t had any snow since Christmas day… only 18 out of 56 runs are open, and most of the mountain is exposed. Snow is all manmade.

But it’s better than nothing.

Hayley and Tom were going to Valberg for the first week of the school holiday. We couldn’t take a holiday that same week, as Liam really wanted to be home for his Birthday (which would have been the same week). But we did manage to pop up to Valberg on a Saturday evening, and back home on the Sunday evening. We had the good luck that boss’s chalet was empty that weekend, so we could sleep there… and we could spend a day and a half with Hayley and Tom! It’s always more fun for the boys now when they have a friend to hang out with…. they are getting too old to really enjoy ‘hanging out with mom’

I had planned a surprise for the kids… I organised a snowmobile outing for the Saturday evening sunset. Neither Liam nor Tom had ever been on a snowmobile before!

There was a bit of drama at the beginning as Hayley had been accidentally locked in the house (none of the boys knew she was there, but she thought they did) so she couldn’t make the snowmobile trip. So the instructor took Tom on the back of his machine, and Liam was on the back of mine.

It was waaaay harder than I thought. Lots of muscle required!! But what a great fun experience!! My boss always does it when they go up there, although usually there is way more snow and they can get a lot more ‘off piste’. This was beginner level…. which was perfect for us.

The boys had fun skiing… Liam was very pleased to find that he is actually a stronger skiier than Tom is (as he suspected).

It was a great weekend, and perhaps the only one we’ll be able to have in the local mountains…. thank goodness we planned to go to Austria for our big ski holiday. I can’t see how Hayley and Tom would pass an entire week here in these conditions.