Despite the daily arguments about getting Liam off of his computer and onto the mountain, the second half of the trip was pretty good. The weather had cleared. The food was good. My legs were a wee bit less sore…

All in all a good holiday. I’m very well aware that these holidays will be more and more a drag for Liam as he grows into his ‘teenage-hood’. Despite how inseparable we used to be, he really doesn’t want to hang with mom much anymore. I get it. I don’t like it… but I get it.

On the plus side… Liam was very frustrated every day, walking to and from the cablecar, having to carry his skis and poles while walking in his clunky ski boots. And he has no expressed a small interest in learning to snowboard (as he sees how much easier it is for me to get to and from the slopes). I let him carry my board one day.

I’ve been hoping he would ‘give it a try’ — but Liam doesn’t really like to stray from what he already knows how to do. But I’m pleased his interest is piqued.. even if it’s only for practical reasons. I offered to get him a lesson while we were there, but he doensn’t want to waste Austria for lessons. He says maybe he’ll try it back on our local mountain. I hope he does. I think he’d like it… and anyway, it’s good to know how to do lots of things.

Looking forward to skiing 2023 already. I don’t know if we’ll get another weekend out this season, as the weather all over is so warm, and the local ski hills have barely had any snow as it is. So if this is it for the season… at least we went out well.