I was SUPER EXCITED for our first proper ski holiday in 2 years. The slopes were closed last year because of Covid, and Liam had lost his love of skiing. I think he had forgotten how much he enjoys it, especially as he’s hitting his pre-teen ‘I don’t want to do anything’ stride.

So for me it was really important that we have a proper ski holiday week (a weekend in the local mountains with friends was nice… but not a proper ski getaway).

So I let Liam decide where he wanted to go this year, and he wanted to go back to Kitzbuhel. I was kind of itching to try somewhere new…. but I can’t deny the charm of Kitzbuhel (and my love of tyrolean food) so let’s let Liam have his way! 🙂

I managed to find a cute apartment in town (walkable distance to everything) which was pretty important since Adam no longer comes with us on holidays. And Adam also didn’t want to watch Lola for the week we were gone, so VERY fortunately the apartment owner broke her ‘no pets’ rule to allow us to bring Lola. Turns out to be very fortunate for Lola too as she was very anxious about being left behind and took to sleeping in partially packed suitcases. She was great for the whole (loooong) car ride. And was so well behaved during out stay.

We had great weather for the first couple of days… then a couple of days of fresh wet snow (which was really challenging)… and then the last couple of days were great weather again. I was definitely not in the shape I like to be in for all day on the slopes, and my thighs and quads were KILLING me. Next time I’ll have to start training a few months beforehand! Liam of course was fine… however those 2 days of wet snow with no visibility really affected his confidence and we stuck to the blue and red runs for the rest of the week. The wet snow, with no visibility, makes for really rough terrain — and when you can’t see the bumps, you are liable to take some pretty big and frequent tumbles. Which we did. But those first couple of sunny days on packed snow were FAST, and we did a lot of black runs.

The other biggest change this year is that Liam is soooooo into his video games that it’s the only thing he wants to do. So it was HARD to get him dressed and out the door every day to go skiing. And once back in the apartment, he didn’t want to leave again as he wanted to talk with his friends and play video games with them online. Fortunately (for me) he’s old enough now to be left on his own for an hour or so… so I could at least wander the town and enjoy myself a bit (i.e. shopping 😉 . But I wished he was out with me….

I had to insist that we go out for TWO dinners. And cake at our favourite sweets cafe at least once. Otherwise I promised him dinner in the apartment so he could be online. What a drag for me. But I guess it’s all a compromise, on both parts.

Next year we’re planning to take a ski holiday with his friend Alexandre, and his mum… so hopefully being with a friend will take away some of his desire to be online. I’m doubting it… but that’s an argument for another day 😉