Another day with just Liam and I! Not what we were planning… but I’m going to make the most of it. Who knows how long Venice will be around with rising water levels and climate change. It’s such a unique and fragile city as it is… and it is PACKED for easter weekend.

And neither Liam nor I are a fan of crowds. So we did our best to stay away from the Rialto Bridge area (near impossible to do) and St Marks Square.

However I did want to get to the Rialto Fish Market as this would probably be our only chance to see it (as it is closed Sundays and Mondays, and we are hoping to get to Burano and Murano on the Tuesday before we fly home. So we had to pass the heaving and touristed Rialto Bridge a couple of times. Def a place to keep a hand on your pocketbook!!

The fish market was pretty cool. I mean we have a good fish market here in Nice, but they had a bit more interesting variety: eels, soft shell crab, and loads of octopus and squid (covered in ink!!) All fresh from the lagoon…. very cool

The rest of the day was spent wandering around a bit more and exploring a different neighbourhood, eating in a different restaurant… Lunch was booked at a “fine dining” restaurant, not somewhere I’d usually choose for Liam, but I knew that they had Moeche on their menu, which I really wanted to try.

Moeche is a local specialty — a small crab from the Venetian lagoon — and you can only find them for very brief periods in spring and in autumn, when the crabs molt their old shell, but before they grow their new shell. The moeche crabbers check the traps everyday to get the crabs that are ‘just right’ and they sell them at the Rialto fish market at a very premium price. If they don’t get them at the right moment, then the new shells will harden and they can no longer be prepared as moeche. There is literally a 2 week window every season, so it’s a rare dish. The crabs are soaked in egg, then deep fried to perfection. They sell in the restaurants for 50 euros a portion — so you won’t find them in just any restaurant. I was a bit dismayed that Liam wanted some too at that price — but I was also quite pleased at his adventurous palate. I guess he does take after me a bit after all 😉

And to end our second day, a surprise planned — a mask painting workshop at ca’macana atelier, where they teach you some traditional mask painting techniques on traditional paper mache masks. Liam actually enjoyed it and was proud of his result. I was proud of his result too. We will hang them in our home…

So all in all, a pretty good day, despite the bit of afternoon drizzle, and the lack of our friends.

REALLY crossing fingers that they can fly the following morning to join us for the rest of the trip!!!