We had decided to spend our last full day exploring the two islands of Burano and Murano. Hayley and I had both been to Venice before, but neither of us had been to the islands.

Burano is the smaller of the two islands… known for it’s colourful houses, and it’s lacemaking. It is said that the houses are so colourful so that the fisherman could easily find them in the fog when returning to the island. We didn’t have the highest hopes for the island, after all, we didn’t have a great interest in lace making (and as I understand it, because the ‘genuine Burano lace’ is all handmade it’s unaffordable. A tiny piece that is approximately one square inch or so will cost a couple of hundred euros. I can’t even imagine what a tablecloth would cost… mostly tourists buy replicas that are mass produced, but still beautiful and expensive.

But despite our lower expectations, we were completely charmed by Burano. We were fortunate enough to get a lunch table and an amazing michelin starred restaurant (despite our slow start to the day as both boys were really tired and lagging). Liam almost fell asleep during lunch, he was so exhausted. I totally supported any sugar and caffeine that he wanted!

It doesn’t take long to wander the town and take some photos. We found a cute little gelato spot and took the boys for ice cream — and I took a risk and got a very bizarre (but recommended) flavour: fiore di latte ice cream with balsamic on top. Fiore Di Latte ice cream is snowy white — and kind of a nice sweet milky flavour. Not as strong as a vanilla, and without the vanilla bean flecks. And it was a perfect complement to the sharper taste of the Modena Balsamic vinegar. Weird, but good!! And definitely memorable.

Afterwards we headed back to the ferry to make our way to the Island of Murano…. which was (in my mind) going to be the highlight of the trip!