This was what I was most looking forward to… and must admit… I am a wee bit disappointed. I mean Burano was just SO charming that Murano couldn’t make such a strong impression.

But I was still so keen. The other problem was that by the time we arrived in Murano it was mid to late-afternoon… the kids were tired, and we didn’t really have enough time to do the island justice. Next time a FULL day in Murano.

It’s nowhere near as pretty as Burano… it’s all red brick buildings. But what lies behind are the most amazing glass makers in the WORLD. And I LOVE artisan glass products. I’ve been going crazy about all of the blown glass in all of the shops around Venice, and I had been WAITING until we got to Murano before I made any purchase decisions.

After making our way through about 25 shops (or so) and weeding out the genuine Murano glass from the touristed (made in china) replicas… I was nowhere near close to making a decision. Too many beautiful things!!!!!

But I certainly got a lot of business cards from shops who would be happy to ship to France 😉 Liam got a little glass pig and a little glass pumpkin for his glass pig to eat.

We found a glassmaker in a beautiful old renovated church, and we all watched a demonstration (while Hayley and I sipped prosecco). But the kids were really getting too tired, Hayley had blisters on her feet…. and the shops and furnaces would soon be closing for the day. So I guess it was time to head to the ferry, and back into Venice.

A lovely (amazing) dinner out…. then back home to pack for our afternoon flight the next day. It was a really good last day in Venice.

I will be back…. and I hope that Liam would like to return too.