Today’s the day that Hayley and Tom arrive!!!! Not sure that Hayley was technically recovered enough to travel… but we sure are happy they are on the way! If all goes according to plan they would arrive just in time to drop their luggage at the apartment and then high tail it to a great steakhouse for Easter lunch.

(since I am writing this a couple of weeks later… spoiler alert, they made it just in time).

We were there to meet the boat, guide them to the flat… and then speedwalk to the restaurant (which we book especially for the boys, and they both love a good steak).

As a bit of a treat for the boys, we decided that Easter Sunday was the perfect time to take the boys on a very touristy ride on a gondola. Which didn’t really impress them at all, because they’re teenagers LOL.

But we are hoping, underneath it all, it’s a memory that they will have forever, as I remember my gondola ride when I was an impressionable 16 year old.

We let the boys stay in the apartment in the evening to play video games and eat pizza… and Hayley and I wandered out to try to enjoy a proper meal. But as we hadn’t planned for tonight (because of Hayley’s covid) we didn’t have any reservations — and everything was booked solid!! Except for the very touristy places, which is where we ended up. The food and service was completely mediocre — but the view of the grand canal at night made it much easer to tolerate.

So all in all, great third day for us, great first day for Hayley and Tom… and everone was tired at the end of the day…..

Liam gave up the second bedroom to Hayley, and he and Tom took the 2 fold out sofas in the living room. Except that it turns out that one of the sofa beds was barely held together, paper thin, and kept collapsing. And that was the bed that Liam got (he’s much smaller than tom, so he got the smallest bed). Couldn’t have been very comfortable, but he made the best of it!!! Although I tried to pile mattresses on the floor to try to make a more comfortable sleeping area for him.

And he absolutely refused to sleep with me anymore 😉 #teenagers.