Today is our only ‘full day’ in Venice now that Hayley and Tom have arrived. We have plans to spend our last day in the islands of Murano and Burano… so we will make the most of today, despite the complaining of two very uninterested teens.

We took a wander through the neighbourhoods of San Polo and Dosdoruso… and explored tons of canals, big and small. We showed Hayley and Tom my favourite spot in Venice (Accademia Bridge) and just generally took in all of the charm.

We found a really cute little restaurant for lunch, which had great reviews. Liam proved that he is an adventurous eater by ordering the squid in ink — which he later admitted looked way cooler than it tasted (but having said that — I tried a bit, and the squid was crazy tender).

I wasn’t all that hungry so just ordered a small plate of tempura squid with what they called ‘lagoon vegetables’ (which were DIVINE) — and which I have now learned is called Salicornia. What a wonderful little discovery.

We took the boys to one of the Da Vinci exhibits… which was pretty cool and informative and the whole 2nd floor of it was full of replicas of his inventions, which we were all free to touch and try.

Liam got a bit stroppy trying to build Da Vinci’s parabolic arch (self supporting) bridge. But he’s tired. And cranky. I hope he learned something though, as Da Vinci is absolutely fascinating!!!

We found a takeaway place so the boys could have a reasonably well-balanced dinner, while Hayley and I went off to Harry’s Bar for cocktails, and then off to a lovely (adult) dinner.

Harry’s Bar was on our ‘must do list’. It’s iconic in Venice, and now has high end places around the world. The history of Harry’s bar is this…. Harry Pickering was a wealthy american who frequented the bar in the 1920’s. One day they noticed he hadn’t been in a while. The bartender (Cipriani) asked him why he wasn’t coming to the bar anymore, and Harry explained that he’d been cut off from his family because of his drinking habits… and Cipriani kindly gave him enough money to get back to America. A couple of years later Harry returned to Venice, a wealthy man again… gave Cipriani enough money to buy the bar for himself. Which he did. And he called it Harry’s Bar. It’s been an institution since then, famous for the invention of Bellini’s (peach nectar and prosecco) and beef carpaccio. In 2001 Harry’s Bar was classified as a national landmark.

We were lucky to get in, Harry’s bar is much smaller than we thought… and we ordered the 19 Euro Bellini’s. Worth every penny. Bucket list checked 😉