We are lucky that May is chock full of bank holiday dates — and as it happened there was a bank holiday on Thursday 26th of May, and the schools would ‘take the pont’ as they say and take the friday off too, to make it a great 4 day weekend.

As it was Monaco Formula 1 weekend, and I didn’t have to work, I thought it would be a great time to get away for a wee mini-break. I was still a bit worn out from the Historic Grand Prix weekend just 2 weeks earlier, plus it was right around my birthday and mothers day… so it didn’t take much to convince myself to book a little mountain mini break.

And shocker of all shockers… Adam came with us. I mean he didn’t help to pay or anything… but I suppose that the fact that he pulled himself away from his computer for a long weekend was the best we were going to hope for. Liam’s therapist would be pleased.

We left around midday on the Friday as work issued kept popping up making it difficult to hit the road, but we checked into our super cute little A frame cabin a few hours later. And just in time too as the thunderstorms that were promised were not far behind.

We found a nice little local restaurant for dinner, picked up some basics at the supermarket, and then settled into our little cabin for a cozy evening in — played lots of games — and of course daddy and liam both squirreled themselves away with their devices before long.

Ah well… at least we were in nature.

The next morning was beautiful. We decided to go for a nice long hike in the mountains right behind us… A bit of grumbling from Liam and Adam as neither are in prime shape for longer hikes — but eventually came across a great open pasture full of wildflowers — a perfect place for the boys to fly the drone.

It was a bit much for Lola, who’s really starting to act her age (she’s slowing down a lot.. and struggling in the heat)… but she was still happy to be walking in the mountains and forest with us, and the plan would be to exhaust her as the next days’ hike would be a ‘no dogs allowed’ destination.