We had planned on exhausting Lola on the Friday so that she would be more content to stay behind in the cabin for Saturday’s hike. We were going to head up into the heart of the Mercantour to Lac Allos.

The mercantour is our local national park (in the mediterranean alps) — and in the ‘heart’ of the park dogs are not allowed on the trails… not even on a leash. So very different from Canada wilderness. But I get it I guess. They don’t want the wildlife scared and they don’t want city diseases brought in to the wilderness.

Lac Allos is not a particularly challenging hike as you are actually able to drive most of the way up. Which suited Adam and Liam just fine.

The lake itself is lovely. Nice and clean and surrounded by peaks. We walked the circumference of the lake looking out for wildlife (and we were not disappointed as we saw heaps of marmots). No other wildlife…. but plenty of marmots which suited Liam and I just fine as we were able to tiptoe quite close to some of them.

So it was a pretty chilled hike… then back down to the cabin to get Lola, and a casual dinner back in town.

Our only real drama of the weekend is when I went to have a shower after the Lac Allos hike — and the door to the shower was stuck as one of the rollers wasn’t working properly… and when I gave it a tug to close it, the glass just EXPLODED all over me. It’s 2 weeks later and I’m still finding bits of glass, and I was very lucky that none went in my eyes. My cuts were minor as I was clever enough to stay completely still until Liam and Adam could get me some help — so glad that it didn’t happen to Liam. My injuries could have been so much worse had I tried to walk out or use my hands to move the glass bits.

Anyway. it was a bit of drama… and no one was seriously hurt although it did take a good 2 hours of my time to try to clear up the broken glass in the bathroom. No, they will not be charging me for the damage 😉

I had wanted to squeeze in one more small hike on Sunday before the drive home (as it was only a 2,5 hour drive) but Adam and Liam weren’t into that at all. So we had a lunch stop at a really charming town close by that we had noticed on our way up (Liam and I had the BEST burgers ever) and then were home by the end of the afternoon.

All in all a successful 4 days away — and Liam even had time to do his homework.