So keeping an eye on the weather… rain and cloud are imminent in the forecast. So our third day in Grindelwald (the Monday) was going to be ‘adventure day’…. up the mountain behind the town is an adventure playground called ‘Grindelwald First’

You take the cable car up, and you can pay for a variety of adventure activities to be done at the top. Cable Car tickets include admission to ‘First Walk’ which is a cliff walk installation which sees you hugging the side of a cliff with amazing views straight down as you are walking across nothing but open grill flooring. It’s only around 300 meters long, and ends with a glass floor viewing platform high above the valley.

And once up on the mountain top you can choose any of 4 different activities (at a fee). The options are a) the First Flyer seated individual zip line, b) the First Glider horizontal zip line, c) the Mountain Cart and d) the Trottibike.

Now Liam is NOT a fan of heights, and that is an understatement. So I gave him options. And he was willing to try the First Glider and the Mountain Cart. Pretty brave of him to try the First Glider — it takes 4 passengers at a time and zips them up the mountain (backwards) and then let’s it go and you sail up to 85km per hour back down to the base station. It’s a truly unique experience that I’ve never seen elsewhere, so I’m really glad he did it, even though he was terrified.

The mountain cart was way more fun than he was expecting, although for the first bit over dirt path he was holding the handlebars way too tight and the vibrations were burning his hands. But he got the hang of it and after a few rough starts was sailing down the mountain paths with a bit too much confidence… and twice he went off the path when he lost concentration. A bit stressful for mumma watching from behind!!

And he absolutely refused to step more than a few meters onto the First Cliff Walk — much to my disappointment as it truly was not as scary as he was thinking it would be. But I let him retreat and I met him at the restaurant 15 minutes later. This is the first holiday where it’s been easy to leave him on his own for a bit so I can do things that he doesn’t want to. He’s growing up!

So I would give Grindelwald First Adventure Park a two thumbs up – and Liam may be willing to do the other zipline in the future. The only downside is that because we end up getting up on the mountain sooooo late (thanks Mr Slowpoke) that the lines for the things we wanted to do were at least an hour long. So there was a lot of waiting……. I let Liam wait off to the side for the most part so he could watch youtube. And I sat in the sun until we got close to the front. That was the boring part.

The weather definitely turned the next day, and full sunny days were no longer in our forecast. Lola hadn’t really been out much as it had been to hot (and she couldn’t do the adventure parks stuff) so we went back up the same mountain, into the clouds this time, and found a nice hike towards a mountain lake. At least I thought it would take us to a mountain lake, but visibility was poor so who knows where we would end up 😉

We made it to the lake, and had some clearer moments in the clouds to give us some pretty photos… on the way I spotted a fox coming out of the grasslands above us. He seemed to be curiously approaching us, but the moment that he sensed Lola, he took off like a shot. Who knew our little LolaBear could scare a fox??

Foxes are my favourite animal, and I haven’t seen one in well over 20 years, so I was pretty happy about our little sighting, and spent much of the rest of the hike looking for more foxes. (there were none).