Weather forecast…. not great. Wee bit of clear skies in the morning… and then rain, rain, rain. Don’t get me wrong, not complaining!! The reason we came to the mountains was to get away from the relentless sun and heat of the south.

But one last great hike would be really nice…. (even though Liam’s toes hurt him every day). Besides, Lola needs a good stretch as tomorrow is a driving day, and she stayed home the previous day.

So what we ended up doing was taking another cog train up to the Schynige Platte (which is SO much fine to try and pronounce). Shi-ni-ga pla-teh. Or as we called it… She-nig-a-dig-a-dig-a Platte. It’s a really lovely mountain plateau, overlooking Lake Thun and Lake Brienz… two impossibly beautiful blue glacier lakes.

Some lovely hikes, alphorn players making music during lunch, beautiful vistas over the lakes. It sounds lovely and not too difficult for Liam and Lola.

However. Not much into our 50 minute train journey up the mountain it started to rain. A lot. Oh crap. Well, I guess we’ll just have lunch at the top, and then take the train back down. I mean the tickets are already paid for….

So we got off at the top…. the other people getting into the train looked FREEZING. We made a dash across the way to get to the restaurant and terraces, and ordered some lovely rösti for lunch. Now if I haven’t said already — Rösti is one of my favourite foods in the world. Shredded potato hashbrowns, with bacon and/or cheese and/or fried egg on top. Simple but perfect.

So we both had that. Super good. Liam is now a die-hard röstu fan.

As luck would have it, the rain eased off by the time we finished lunch, so we decided to have a bit of a wander around the plateau. We found the wildflower garden where (hooray) I could see some ‘not quite wild’ eidelweiss (which Liam thinks is a rather ugly flower, but I don’t care). And then we wandered. Liam didn’t really notice that we were wandering rather far…. I knew he far side of the plateau had great views over the lakes and we still had the clearing in the weather on our side. I mean it would be a shame to get all that way and NOT see the views.

It was a bit freaky because it was a sheer drop off once we got to the lake overviews. Liam was quite anxious about Lola getting too close to the edge, so I put her back on leash. We walked, chatted, took photos…. but Liam stopped to reorganise himself and clean a bit of mud off of his phone carrier bag…. But as he did so I noticed some pretty heavy clouds moving far too quickly towards us. Here comes the rain.

But Liam would not be rushed!!!!

So once he was ready to go we picked up our speed and kept on the path back to the train station. It wasn’t long before the skies opened and we were soaked. Was a bit stupid that I didn’t pack our rain jackets for this trip. I suppose all the heat and sunshine of the coast overrode the need for rain gear.

Liam was decidedly displeased with me for suggesting this hike and having him out in the rain, and he kept telling me how he would never do this again and didn’t want to hike anymore, etc. But he kept chugging along. Until.


I turned back to see a very angry 12 year old covered in mud, having lost his footing (I did caution him to choose shoes with better tread). Glaring at me. Because it was all my fault that he was wet and muddy and cold. We did our best to clean up the worst of it with tissue and drinking water, but hey! It’s hiking. It’s okay to get dirty and everything will clean up!

We weren’t much farther to the restaurant, and like an oasis in the desert it just kind of appeared in the fog and rain. Liam ran in and cleaned himself up a bit more, while I checked the train schedule. Yikes, only 10 minutes to the next train — no time for a hot chocolate or coffee to warm ourselves up.

Hopped the train… Liam and I (and Lola) all soaked through and through. Lola couldn’t stop shivering, so I did my best to warm her with my body heat. Liam just layed down on the train bench and tried to warm up until we could get back home.

Now that it was all behind us, I look back and really enjoyed that last hike. I don’t mind the rain (even though I didn’t have a rain jacket). But it was challenging conditions, and Liam persevered and (in my opinion) became a bit stronger from it. And that’s what this kind of adventuring is all about.

Having said that, Lola remained kind of p***ed at me for the entire rest of the day — I don’t think she ‘grew’ from this experience at all. Ah well… give the old girl a few treats and she’ll forgive anything.