Another spotty weather today today… so we’ve decided to drive a half hour into a different valley and explore the Lauterbrunnen area. When I was looking at where to stay, I was torn between Grindelwald and Lauterbrunnen. Pickings were quite slim as I booked so late… and both towns looked really beautiful. As far as I could tell… Grindelwald seemed to be a bigger town (more tourist shops, more restaurants, more people) and Lauterbrunnen seemed to be a bit more remote, although still really charming.

Yup. That’s about it. It was a short walk to explore the town…. but with the mountains rising so steeply on both sides, and a stunning waterfall at the far end, it was incredibly story-book looking.

We took the cable car up to the train station, and then the train further up the mountain to the pedestrian town of Murren. Totally small, cute and charming. Liam was still complaining of toe infections (he always seems to have them) so we couldn’t really plan a very challenging hike. But Lola was with us as it wasn’t too hot and the hike wouldn’t be too tough, so it was a nice ‘family day’.

We meandered the tiny town of Murren a bit, and found a super-charming cafe. Liam didn’t want to stop, but I did. I think he’s happy we did 😉 We both enjoyed a nice sweet snack (apple pie for me, and chocolate brownie for him — all homemade) and he had an amazing homemade vanilla lemonade… and a big beautiful coffee for me.

Then we followed the trail from Murren back down to the top of the Cablecar.. and then the cablecar back down into town.

Once back in town, we took a little wander over to (and up to) the waterfall… and stopped at the mini donut truck for a sweet treat. I mean hey, we’re on holidays — sweet treats totally allowed.

Had a late lunch in a super cute restaurant overlooking the valley (Liam had an amazing pork cordon bleu — and I had a raclette (melted cheese and potato). And then made our way back to our little home in Grindelwald.

Word was that there was going to be a street party in Grindelwald that evening. Liam did NOT want to go. But I did not NOT want to go. So I tempted him with a game of mini golf, and we took a bit of a wander through the town — it seemed as though all of the people in surrounding towns all came into Grindelwald for the party — it was packed. It was fun to see, but neither Liam nor I are big on crowds, so we made our way back home, stopping along the way at a grill stand for a super yummy local sausage and potatoes. Yay, now I don’t have to make dinner either!

It was a good day. Not tough, but so beautiful. I would love to go back and explore the Lauterbrunnen valley further as it’s referred to as ‘the valley of waterfalls’ and is said to rival Yosemite Park for towering waterfalls, 72 in total, tumbling off of vertical cliff faces from the glaciers above, up to 400m high. There is undoubtedly far more that I would like to explore in this area. Will have to go back — preferably when Liam doesn’t have a toe infection.