August 2017

We’re just 2 weeks away from Liam starting his second year of primary school (CE1). He is fully bilingual, although English is still his strongest language. And he still refuses to speak french at home (but he is very good at correcting our pronunciation now). He’s still rather shy, especially in new situations, but nonetheless he is open to trying new things and this past summer he’s added sailing to his list of accomplishments. A two-week holiday in Ireland really brought him out of his shell, although perhaps that is in part because he was in an english-speaking environment. We shall see once school starts. He’s developing a love of the outdoors, and as always a soft spot for all animals. He’s recently become pescatarian / vegetarian… so we shall ride this out and see if it’s just a phase, or if its something that sticks. He also still has an almost overhwhelming attachment to his soft toys (which he calls his babies). at an age where you really think he would be leaving them cherished, but behind.

November 2013

Liam is a schoolboy! 6 weeks of school and his French is improving as is his physical confidence which he’s lacked a little (though made up for it in verbal development). He’s a friendly and engaged wee fellow. He loves his cousins and his school-friend Martine (who he has known for a few years), cars, planes, trains, boats, motorcycles, playing Mariocart on the Wii, cheese, pasta and most foods except raw fruit but thats coming along too. His favourite movies at the moment are The Iron Giant and How to Train your Dragon.

October 2011

He’s a lovely smiling jibber-jabberin, cheeky little monkey. Liam loves his cars (both toy-size and real-size and movie), climbing, keys and keyboards. Curious as a cat, he eats everything, sleeps without problems and is as healthy as can be. He’s learning words and letters and numbers and will tear off with the slightest encouragement – go! go! go! works, so does allez, allez, allez! Can be stubborn as a mule but only kicks like a mouse.

April 2010

Two months old and growing hulkishly fast, I’m a grinning devil-may-care type who loves the ladies…My Mum’s ‘ladies’.

December 2009

Liam is minus 90 days and counting. He’s a fun little fella. Fond of kicking and hiding his face behind his fist during ultrasounds. We fervently hope he’s not a douchebag.