My Mum

Doesn’t matter how old I get, I can’t get enough cuggles with mumma!! She’s the awesomest at making sure that I get what I need (and sometimes even what I want!!) but she’s also pretty quick to punish me if I get naughty!!  I’m 8 now. Perhaps it’s time to be a bit less naughty. We’ll see how it goes.  She seems optimistic, I can’t see a reason to ruin that for her (yet). 😉

My Dad

Daddy still loves his meat… but now that I’ve become a (mostly) vegetarian, he doesn’t get to cook the stuff he loves for me!   But we do get to spend a great time most nights over our favourite video games!!

Mum & Dad

Mum & Dad

Family Woolley

Grandma & Grandpa Woolley

Grandpa Woolley lives all the way in Canada, and sadly we lost Grandma Woolley just before Christmas 2017.  So it’s not quite the same anymore.  Grandma and their beloved Afghan Hound (Lady Sarah) will be put in the same resting place… and Grandpa now has Brandi (a yellow lab) to spoil and dote on. Lucky Brandi!   We’ve been to visit them in Canada a few times, so Liam really identifies with being a French boy, and a Canadian.

Uncle Keith

Uncle Keith also lives in Canada, and works really, really hard. He got remarried a couple of years ago to a nice lady named Joanne. They’re very busy with their blended families, but still always make time for us! It would be great if they could have a holiday in France, so we could show them around.

Gabrielle and Hannah

My two cousins spend time between Uncle Keith and Aline (their mum), and are always happy girls!  I can’t believe my cousins are teenagers already!!!  And they’re waaaaay taller than mumma. They’re pretty cool, and it’s too bad I don’t get to see them as often as I’d like. I hope they keep up studying their french, so they can come and visit!



Family Ferguson

Granny and Grandpa Simmons

Granny and Grandpa live outside of Warkworth New Zealand. Granny loves painting, gardens and makes a mean quilt. Grandpa’s keeps a museum humming along where they lots of things from settler times and have huge Kauri trees in their native park.

Granddad Ferguson

Granddad Ferguson lives in Tauranga New Zealand, he loves movies, music, India, vegetarian food and seeing the family as much as he can.

Uncle Daniel and Aunt Elaine

Daniel and Elaine live in England with Scarlett and Isobel. They love taking trips to Scotland to see Scarlett and Isobel’s other grandparents and around the country.

Aunt Sarah and Uncle Ross

Sarah and Ross live near Napier, New Zealand with lovely Meg, Sarah Kate and Katrine. They’ve been building their own house too which looks awesome. Love the huge deck!

Uncle James, Aunt Cathy Jean and Uncle Kevin

James, CJ and Kevin all live in New Zealand. They’re from America but have lived in New Zealand a long time.